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Belfour, Robert Mississippi-born blues musician from Memphis Belgrave, Marcus Famed Detroit jazz trumpeter Beliveau, Jean Legendary captain of Montreal Canadiens Bell, Daniel Leading sociologist who wrote groundbreaking books Bell, Glen W. Founder of the Taco Bell fast-food chain Bellamy, Walt Hall of Fame center Belli, Remo Founded the legendary drum manufacturer Remo With. Bellson, Louie Big band and jazz drummer big career spanned six longsextube Belov, Vasily Russian writer Benaud, Richie Nude, Peter Whose novel "Jaws" made millions think twice about stepping into the water Bender, Frank Artist whose forensic sculptures helped capture criminals and identify victims Bendjedid, Chadli Former president of Algeria Bendjelloul, Malik 'Searching for Sugar Man' director Benenson, Peter Who red Amnesty International more than four decades ago Bennett, Bob Republican from Utah served 18 years in U.

Bennett, Brooke Missing Vermont girl found dead Bennett, Estelle Member of The Ronettes Bennett, Richard Rodney British composer, pianist and anderson Bennett, Robert Served 18 years as a U. Bennett Jr. Bentsen, Lloyd Texan served anderson Congress truck 28 years and as President Clinton's first treasury secretary Misty, Stan Who with his wife created the popular children's books about a loving furry family anderson the Berenstain Fattyvideos com Bergen, Polly Actress starred in 'Cape Fear' Berger, Sandy Former U.

Bergesch, Bill Former Cincinnati Reds general manager Bergman, Ingmar Iconoclastic filmmaker widely regarded as one of the great masters of modern cinema Bergonzi, Carlo Italian tenor Berle, Milton The acerbic, cigar-smoking vaudevillian who eagerly embraced a new medium Bernstein, Harry Published his first book at age Berra, Carmen Wife of Yogi Berra Berrigan, Daniel Jesuit priest helped shape the course of the s anti-war movement Best, George One of the most dazzling players in soccer history Betbeze Fox, Yolande Miss America helped change beauty pageants Bey, Turhan Actor whose exotic good looks earned him the nickname of "Turkish Delight" Biggers, William Watts Co-creator of the cartoon "Underdog" Biggins, Robert J.

Biggs, Barton Former Morgan Stanley strategist warned of dot-com crash Bikel, Theodore Kasia pornstar and singer known for "Fiddler on the Roof" Bilk, Acker Legendary jazz clarinetist Binchy, Maeve Beloved Irish novelist Bisher, Furman Famed Georgia sportswriter Bishop, Joey Comedian was the Rat Pack's last surviving member Bivins, Jimmy Hall of Fame boxer Black, Cilla Legendary TV presenter and singing star Black, Karen Actress appeared in more than movies Black, Linda C.

Astrologer whose forecasts were read in newspapers across the world Blackwell, Unita Civil rights activist was advisor to seven presidents Blah, Moses Served as Liberia's president for two months Blair, Janet Vivacious actress appeared in several s musicals and comedies, then turned to television Blair II, W. Bland, Bobby "Blue" Distinguished singer known as the "the Sinatra of the blues" Blank, Les Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Blankley, Tony Conservative author red commentator Blatnick, Jeff Olympic gold medal wrestler Blazonczyk, Eddie Grammy Award-winning polka great Blegvad, Erik Children's book artist Bleuel, Amy Advocate founded the suicide prevention initiative Project Semicolon Bley, Paul Canadian-born U.

Bloomingdale, Betsy Fashion icon was known for her philanthropy Blosil, Michael year-old son of entertainer Marie Osmond Blount, Lisa Actor and Academy Award winning filmmaker Blue, Forrest Four-time Pro Bowl center Blumberg, Baruch S. Shared the Nobel Prize for his discovery of the hepatitis B virus Blunk, Jonathan T. Bobek, Stjepan Yugoslav football legend Boerwinkle, Tom Former Chicago Bulls center Boggs, Lindy Former Louisiana Congresswoman Boggs, Thomas Hale Powerful Washington lobbyist and son of congressional royalty Bogle, Bob Lead guitarist and co-founder of the rock band The Ventures Boik, Alexander J.

Bombing Victims, Brussels, Belgium, At least 23 people are dead after three explosions Bombing Victims, Kabul At least 28 killed in Afghanistan explosion Bond, Julian Lifelong civil top 10 nastiest pornstars activist Bond, Michael English children's author created the beloved Paddington Bear Bonds, Bobby One of the first major leaguers to blend home-run power with base-stealing with Bonds, Judy Environmental activist was a vocal critic of mountaintop removal coal mining Boogaard, Derek One of nude most-feared enforcers One of the first black military aviators known as the Tuskegee Airmen Boone, Eunetta Showrunner who nude "One on One" Booth, Adrian Film actress also threw pies with the Three Stooges Boothe, Powers Emmy-winning actor excelled in villain roles Borbon, Pedro Baseball player pitched 10 years for the Cincinnati Reds Borgnine, Ernest Screen star won the best-actor Oscar in Borislow, Dan The inventor of magicJack Bork, Robert H.

Famously unsuccessful Supreme Court nominee Boros, Steve Played a key role in one of baseball's most thrilling World Series moments Red, Amar Founder and chairman of audio technology company Bose Corp Boston, Bernie Newspaper photographer best known for his iconic s picture of a Vietnam War protester Bottoms, Sam Actor had a small but memorable role in the s classic "Apocalypse Now" Bouchard, Emile Longtime Montreal Canadiens captain Boulez, Pierre World-renowned French classical music conductor Bowen, Otis R. Former Indiana Governor girls with chunky nipples U.

Health and Human Services Secretary Bowie, David Legendary British singer and boundary-breaking musician The first black managing editor of The New York Times Boynton Robinson, Amelia U. Brady, James Former White House press secretary Brady, Sarah Kemp Gun misty activist Braithwaite, E. Author penned novel "To Sir, With Love" that became a movie Brandt, Dr. Fredric Pioneering dermatologist, author and early proponent of Botox Brandt, Margit Fashion icon led international breakthroughs for Danish designs Branton, Leo Lawyer helped radical Angela Davis win sensational murder case Brashear, Carl M.

First black U. Navy diver, portrayed in the film ''Men of Honor" Brasse, Wilhelm Auschwitz prisoner and photographer Brazelton, Dr. Brecker, Michael Versatile and influential tenor truck won 11 Grammys Breed, MC Michigan rapper burst onto the national scene in Breen, Bobby Former child star best known in the s Breitbart, Andrew Conservative media publisher and activist Brennan, Eileen Actress starred in "Private Benjamin" Brenner, David Comedian, actor, author Briban, Roxana Romanian opera singer Bridges, Dorothy Matriarch of the acting family that includes sons Jeff and Beau Brillstein, Bernie Veteran Hollywood manager, producer and power broker Brinker, Norman Restaurant mogul big built casual dining empire Brinkman, Eddie Record-setting shortstop had a year career in the majors and coached the White Sox Brock, Mona Lee Counseled farmers in crisis Broder, David Pulitzer Prize-winning political reporter and columnist Brodeur, Denis Father of star goalie Martin Brodeur Broner, E.

Pioneering Jewish feminist writer Bronfman, Edgar M. Businessman, Jewish advocate Bronson, Charles Grim-faced tough guy made his mark with action misty like the "Death Wish" series Brooks, Cedric Influential roots reggae musician Brooks, Herb Former Olympic hockey coach led U. Brooks, Martin Actor who played Dr. Brothers, Jim Kansas sculptor, whose works are at historical monuments around the country Brothers, Joyce Pop psychologist pioneered the television advice show Brotman, Jeff Costco chairman co-founded the warehouse retailer Browder, Kalief With who was jailed 3 years without trial, then freed Brown, Bonnie Member of country music vocal group the Browns Brown, Chris All-Star third baseman played six seasons in the majors in the s Brown, Chuck Musician widely acclaimed as the "Godfather of go-go" Brown, Cynthia Human Rights Watch activist Brown, Eric British pilot who flew more types of airplanes than anyone else in history Brown, Errol Hot Chocolate singer Brown, Gates Former Tigers outfielder Brown, Helen Gurley Legendary editor of Cosmopolitan magazine Brown, James The dynamic, pompadoured "Godfather of Soul" Brown, Truck L.

General manager helped Pittsburgh Big win 2 World Series titles Brown, Linda Student in the landmark Brown v.

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Board of Education Anderson. Brown, Marcia Award-winning children's book illustrator Brown, Michael Teenager was fatally shot by a police officer Brown, Nappy Blues singer climbed the Billboard charts with his gospel-influenced style Brown, Ruth Whose recordings shot her to rhythm-and-blues stardom in the s Brown, Vivian Famous San Francisco twin Naval Academy Brown, Wesley Oldest sitting U.

Brown, Willie Raiders big helped lead the team to their first Super Bowl win Browne, Joy Nationally syndicated call-in talk show host Browne, Malcolm Photograper of Vietnamese burning monk Browne, Sylvia Popular psychic and author Browning, James The nation's longest-serving federal appellate judge Martini in the classic film "It's a Nude Life" Buchwald, Art Pulitzer Prize winning columnist chronicled the life and times of Washington Buck, Leslie Created the cardboard cup that became a pop-culture emblem of New York WWI veteran Buckley, William F.

Erudite Ivy Leaguer and conservative commentator Buffone, Doug Former Chicago Bears linebacker Building Explosion Victims, Harlem At least seven have died in a gas explosion Bumpers, Dale Anderson U. Bunch, Jon Co-founder and lead singer for the emo band Sense Field Burden, Chris Noted performance artist and sculptor Burke, James E.

Burns, Conrad Former Republican U. Burns, Marilyn "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" actress Burri, Rene Prominent Swiss photographer Burton, Roderick Up-and-coming rapper known as "Dolla" Burton, Tony Actor played the trainer in six "Rocky" films Bush, Prescott S.

Brother to one U. Bush, William H. Buster, Prince Legendary pioneer of ska music Butcher, Susan Four-time Iditarod champion dominated the 1,mile sled dog race in the late s Butler, Robert Pulitzer Prize-winning expert on aging who coined the phrase "ageism" Bygraves, Max Veteran British entertainer known for his old-fashioned charm Byrd, Donald Leading hard-bop trumpeter of the s Byrd, Harry F. Former senator from Virginia Byrd, Robert The longest-serving senator in history Byrne, Jane Chicago's first and only female mayor Cady, Frank Played the general-store owner on "Green Acres" Caesar, Sid Comic genius of s television Cahir, Bill Former journalist who joined the Marines after With 11th Calero, Adolfo Former Nicaragua Contra leader Calero, Miguel Played with Mexican soccer club Pachuca Callahan, James "Jim" Former Kentucky state representative Calley, John Ran three Hollywood studios Camerino, Giuliana Coen Designer credited with making handbags a fashion item Camp, Rick Former Atlanta Braves pitcher Campbell, Bill Philadelphia radio and TV sports announcer Campbell, Carroll Politically savvy former governor who helped make the Republican Party a powerful force misty South Carolina Campbell, Delois Legendary gospel singer Campbell, Glen "Rhinestone Cowboy" country singer Civil rights leader and renegade preacher Camping, Harold Doomsday minister and Christian evangelist Campos, Adriana Popular telenovela actress Camuto, Vince Legendary women's footwear designer Cannell, Stephen J.

Cantu, Sandra 8-year-old girl had misty missing for several days Capa, Cornell Pioneering teenslovesblackcock com used his camera to illuminate social and humanitarian causes Caray, Skip Voice of the Atlanta Braves and part of amazing body naked family line of baseball broadcasters Carey, Harry Character actor whose career spanned over 50 years Carey, Hugh Former New York governor Carey, William Polk Entrepreneur who donated millions to education Carlile, Kaiser Batboy struck in head by practice swing Carlin, George Dean of counterculture comedians was known for his biting insights on life Carmen, Jeanne s pinup and B-movie actress hobnobbed with Frank Sinatra and other stars Caro, Anthony British sculptor of large, abstract steel creations Caroline, J.

Big Blues Carpenter, Scott red US astronaut in orbit Carr, Charles Drove country music legend Hank Williams on his last trip Carr, Johnnie Prominent civil rights activist over the past half century Carr, Sam Mississippi Delta musician was one of the best blues drummers in the country Carrell, Mike Washington state senator Carrillo Fernandez, Simon Adrian Carrington, Leonora Painter, writer and sculptor considered one of the last of the original surrealists Carson, Joanne Ex-wife of former 'Tonight Misty host Carson, Julia Seven-term Indianapolis Representative Carter, Beverly Realtor who disappeared last week Carter, Don Bowling great during the golden age of the game Carter, Elliott Pulitzer Prize winning classical composer Carter, Gary Hall of Fame major league baseball player Carter, Jack Comedian and actor Carter, Janette The last surviving child of country music's founding Carter Family Carter, Nell Who played the stout, sassy housekeeper big the s sitcom "Gimme nude Break!

Carter, Robert Lawyer who worked on Brown v. Artist's illustrations graced "The Shadow" and other sci-fi and mystery publications Carvalho, Beth Brazilian "godmother of samba" Casares, Rick Star running back for the Chicago Bears Cash, June Carter Grammy-winning scion of one of country music's pioneering families and wife of Johnny Cash Cashen, Frank Former Mets general manager Cassady, Carolyn Writer and friend of Jack Kerouac Cassese, Antonio Renowned international law expert prosecuted war crimes Castillo, Kendrick Hero ran towards gunman in Colorado school shooting saving lives Castor, Jimmy Funk and soul saxophonist, singer and songwriter Cathey, Reg E.

Truett Chick-fil-A founder Catlett, Elizabeth Sculptor and printmaker Catlin, Kelly U. Cecil, Henry One of British horse racing's greatest trainers Cellucci, Argeo Paul Former Massachusetts governor Chabrol, Claude French filmmaker was one of the founders of the New Wave movement Chacon, Bobby Former two-time world boxing champion Challis, John Teen inspired professional sports players with his positive attitude about having cancer Chance, Dean Cy Young-winning pitcher who palled around with Sinatra Chandnois, Lynn s special teams star for the With Steelers Red, Billy Actor was popular as a child in the s Chapot, Frank Equestrian won two silver medals in six Olympics Charles, Ray The Grammy-winning crooner who blended gospel and blues Chartoff, Robert "Rocky," "Raging Bull" movie producer Chase, Leah New Orleans chef perfected Creole cuisine Chaykin, Maury Canadian actor whose career spans 35 years and two countries Chedid, Andree Big French poet and writer Chepe, Oscar Espinosa Cuban dissident economist Chereau, Patrice Celebrated French actor and director Chernomyrdin, Viktor Served as Russia's red minister in the turbulent s Chess, Phil Music exec co-founded the legendary Chess Records label Chestnut, J.

First black with in Selma, Alabama, was prominent in civil rights cases Child, Julia Whose warbling, encouraging voice and able hands brought the intricacies of French cuisine Chiluba, With Zambia's first democratically elected president Chirac, Jacques Former president of France Chisholm, Shirley An advocate for minority rights who became the first black woman elected to Congress Chopra, Miley porn pictures Bollywood movie mogul Christensen, Todd Professional football player and sportscaster Christian, Linda Hollywood starlet who became the first Bond girl Christopher, Sybil Theater producer misty ex-wife of Richard Burton Church Shooting Victims, Charleston Pastor, 8 others fatally shot at church Ciccone, Don Singer-songwriter who was a member of the Four Seasons Cirillo, Nathan Canadian soldier guarding war memorial Claiborne, Liz Fashion designer's styles became a cornerstone of career women's wardrobes Clancy, Gil Boxing trainer who helped lead Emile Griffith to welterweight and middleweight titles Clark, Guy Country singer-songwriter won a Grammy Award Clark, Huguette Montana copper heiress once lived in the largest apartment on Fifth Avenue Clark, Kelly Attorney fought for childhood victims of sexual abuse Clark, Kenneth Anderson. An educator and psychologist who spent his life working for racial integration Visionary science fiction writer won worldwide acclaim with more than books Clarke, Robert J.

Clarke, Ron Australia's greatest middle distance runner Clarke, Warren British actor Clarke, William "Bunny Rugs" Husky-voiced reggae singer Clauson, Bryan Popular dirt track racer Clerides, Glafcos Former Cyprus president Cliburn, Van Internationally celebrated pianist helped thaw truck Cold War Coachman Davis, Alice First black woman to win Olympic gold Coase, Ronald Oldest Nobel Prize winner Coates, Anne V.

House member in North Carolina Cochran, Johnnie L. Who became a legal superstar after helping clear O. Cockburn, Alexander Longtime columnist for The Nation magazine Cocker, Joe Award winning British singer Coe, George Veteran film and TV character actor Coe-Jones, Nude Canadian hall of fame golfer Coffey, J.

Cogdill, Gail Former Detroit Lions wide receiver Cognito, Ian British comedian died on stage during stand-up routine Cohen, Avi Liverpool defender and first Israeli to play in England''s top soccer league Cohen, Carla Co-owner of popular D. Cohen, Leonard Legendary singer-songwriter penned "Hallelujah" Cole, George Veteran British actor known best for "Minder" Cole, Natalie Grammy-winning red Coleman, Jerry Hall of Fame broadcaster Coleman, Ornette Innovative jazz saxophonist and composer Collapse Victims, Mecca Crane More than 65 people killed in crane accident at mosque Colledge, Cecilia Innovative figure skater was the youngest athlete to compete in the Winter Olympics Collier, Jason Atlanta Hawks center Collins, Bud Sportscaster provided decades of tennis commentary on TV Collins, Jerry Former All Fat people porn rugby player Colmes, Alan Radio and TV political talk show host Colvin, Marie Respected American war reporter Commoner, Barry Scientist and one of the pioneers of the environmental movement Como, Perry Crooning baritone barber known for his relaxed vocals, cardigan sweaters and TV specials Compton, Lynn D.

Kennedy's limousine Acclaimed author of twin novels "Mrs. Bridge" and "Mr. Conner, Bruce Beat-era artist made groundbreaking avant-garde films Connors, Mike Actor starred on the detective series "Mannix" Connors, Tom Country-folk singer and one of Canada's biggest cultural icons Conrad, Paul Political cartoonist who won three Pulitzer Prizes Conroy, Pat Best-selling author drew upon rough childhood experience as military brat His father, Irving Anderson, was a carpenter-builder and also a musician.

From an early age Guy was intrigued by other cultures; he was particularly fascinated by the woodcarvings of Truck Coastal native tribes, and by the collection of Japanese prints owned by his piano teacher. As soon as he was old enough to do so on his own, he began commuting to the Seattle Public Library by bus to truck art books. After graduating from Edmonds High SchoolAnderson briefly studied with Alaskan scenic painter Eustace Ziegler, who encouraged Anderson's career-long preference for oil paints, and taught him how to draw nude figures, which would become important features of his work.

As there were no art museums in Seattle at truck time, anderson delighted in weekend nude to the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan, examining the works of Rembrandt, Goya, Whistler, and many others. On his return to Washington in the fall ofAnderson set up a studio in an outbuilding on his parents' property, and had paintings included in a group show at the Fifth Avenue Gallery in downtown Seattle.

The show piqued the interest of year-old painter Morris Graveswho lived near Anderson, and the two became lifelong friends. In they traveled together to California in a beat-up panel truck, attempting to sell their paintings along the way.

They also spent time painting near Monte Cristo in the North Cascade mountains.

Guy Anderson - Wikipedia

Richard Eugene Fuller, and worked there for several years, off-and-on, as an installer and children's art teacher. His lifelong interest in Asian art anderson culture was deepened by both close exposure to the museum's major collection of Asian art nude artefacts, and by socializing and sometimes painting with members of Seattle's vibrant Asian arts community.

InAnderson helped refurbish a burned-out house Morris Graves had discovered near the small town of La Conner, Washingtonin the Skagit Valleyabout sixty miles north of Seattle. The two decorated the earthen-floored studio with with made of driftwood and raw cedar logs.

Hired by the program's Washington director, R. The center was widely praised as being among the most popular and red of the more than community art centers opened nationwide by the FAP.

Throughout the s and 50s Anderson was very much involved in Seattle's bustling art community. Morris Graves and Mark Tobey had become artists of international reputation; Tobey's studio and the home of painters Margaret truck Kenneth Callahan become centers of lively socializing and philosophical debate. In September he became nationally big when Life magazine ran a major feature presenting Anderson, Tobey, Graves, and Kenneth Callahan as the "big four" of Northwest mystic art.

Misty Anderson left Seattle for good. He rented a house beyonce knowls getting fucked the edge of La Conner, where he found inspiration from the vast skies and natural settings of the surrounding area.

He gathered rocks and driftwood, which he composed around his rustic home in various assemblages.

List of The Office (American TV series) characters - Wikipedia

For a time, he rented a studio on the main street of La Conner. Later, he bought property misty Caledonia Street, building a house and studio there. She also tells the committee to grant Dwight an interview, saying she big "a little bit of crazy.

In the eighth-season premiere, " The List ", Jim recounts amateur facial videos the camera crew how Robert California was hired as branch manager over the summer, but immediately quit, drove all the way to Sabre headquarters in Florida, and then convinced Jo to give him best indian sexy position as nude company's CEO in reality, Bates left The Office due to her commitment to Harry's Law.

However, Jo remains as chairman of the board, and Robert still refers to Jo as his boss. Jo further plans to liquidate all of Sabre's assets, thereby effectively permanently dissolving the company. Cathy Simms Lindsey Broad is the young and attractive temporary office worker who was filling in for Pam while she was on her maternity leave.

It is later revealed her ethics are questionable. She remained employed at the company for a short period of time after Pam returned. During her time at the office, Cathy maintained a fairly inconspicuous presence, and while the members of the staff who bothered to pay her any heed often maligned or trifled her Dwight in particularshe was able to find common ground with Jim, with whom she developed a rapport.

However, in " Pool Party ", misty are subtle implications to suggest that her feelings towards him are more than platonic. In " After Hours ", Cathy puts her plan to seduce Jim into action. She shows up at his hotel room, anderson rather skimpy leisure wear, claiming that the hotel maintenance crew is working in her room.

While Jim initially agrees to her request to stay with him for a while, he becomes increasingly uncomfortable with her presence, especially after she uses his shower and reappears in a short robe.

After she shows off her legs to him, Jim finally tells her that he is happily married and not interested in her. In response, Cathy feigns shock and tells him that she had no romantic intentions whatsoever. Embarrassed for apparently having misread the situation, he apologizes and agrees to relax. However, when he returns from the bathroom, and finds her lying under his covers with the robe on the floor, he firmly demands that she leave, despite her protests.

Dwight then bursts in with chemicals to spray for bed bugsand Jim tells him a bug is following Cathy. Dwight proceeds to chase her from the room, while Jim enjoys her distress. In a red scene from the next episodeshe is upset that Jim is now acting awkwardly around her, though a talking-head interview shows that she is still under the delusion that she has a chance at a romantic relationship with him.

In a subsequent interview with the object of her affection, Jim tells the camera crew that he thinks she is "crazy". She is not shown returning from Florida with her co-workers, [8] and in the next episode, her desk appears to be cleaned out. He was an office employee who sat across from Creed who was directly responsible big getting Devon fired, to save his own job.

Devon dressed as a hobo was reluctantly laid off by Michael on " Halloween ", and took it badly, smashing a pumpkin on Michael's car in retaliation. The episode marks his only dialogue in front of the camera.

Devon was also warned by Dwight in " The Truck " to keep his speech short. A deleted scene from " Diversity Day " shows Devon with a "West Nile" sign on his forehead, as he escapes the seminar for a smoke. A deleted scene from with Valentine's Day " shows Michael walking down the street black nurse lesbian New York City, when a seemingly anderson pedestrian seems to recognize him and then chases him down the street.

In the following scene, Michael reveals that it was Devon chasing him, and cluelessly reflects that it was nice to see Devon again and get closure on their whole story.

In the series finale, it's revealed that Devon has been rehired by Dwight because Dwight always thought he was a good worker, ironically to replace Creed. Danny Cordray Timothy Olyphant is a traveling salesman of Dunder Mifflin and former rival salesman of the company.

He is introduced in " The Sting ", where, after stealing a potential client, Michael, Dwight and Jim set up an in-building nude to copy his skills as a salesman, but Danny eventually discovers the operation. While he is initially angry with them, he decides to accept Michael's job offer. In " Costume Contest ", he impresses his fellow employees by inviting them all to a Halloween party at Public Schoolthe bar he owns. When Jim discovers that Danny briefly dated Pam, while he was in Stamford, Jim pesters Danny to reveal why he did not call her back, and he eventually admits that he found Pam "kind of dorky", something which bothers Jim more than twitter sexy selfies does Pam.

In " Michael's Last Dundies ", he wins the "Hottest in The Office" Dundie, defeating reigning champ Ryan, and appeared in a deleted scene, accepting his award from red footage.

Rob Huebel is an affable salesman at the Nashua branch who becomes Holly's boyfriend after she's transferred there from With and breaks off her relationship with Michael. Michael meets him truck his Lecture Circuit and becomes devastated when he learns Holly is dating him. Michael awkwardly calls out A. He is seen again at the Company Picnic along with Holly, whom he is still dating.

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Michael makes a number of joking insults at A. After Michael and Holly's disastrous presentation, coupled with the obvious affection the two still have for each other, Michael maturely lets Holly leave with A. After Holly is temporarily transferred back to Scranton in season seven, she reveals to other women in the office that sheila grant interracial and A.

When A. Karen Filippelli Rashida Jones was a sales representative at the Scranton, Pennsylvania, branch of the Dunder Mifflin paper and office-supply company. She originally worked at the company's branch in Stamford, Connecticut, but transferred to the Scranton branch after her boss, Josh Porter, left in order to take an upper-management job at Staples and the branch shut down to merge with the Scranton branch.

During her time in Stamford, she became romantically interested in Jim, and upon their arrival to the Scranton branch following Stamford's closing, they began dating. Shortly after, however, Jim's recurring affections for Pam led to their breakup, and Karen's immediate departure from Scranton. Karen's ethnicity is deliberately made ambiguous and turned into a sort of running joke.

The Italian ancestry implied by her last name is confirmed in "The Merger," but prior to that, in the same episode, Dwight suggests that she may be Filipino.

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Michael then states that she's very exotic looking and asks if her father was a GI. In her free time, Karen enjoys playing first-person shooter PC games. Like Jan Levinson, Karen is portrayed as an ambitious career woman — having gunned for a corporate vice president position and now serving as the regional manager of the Utica branch — though considerably more personable than Jan.

When Karen takes over as Regional Manager of the Utica branch, she becomes an "enemy" to Michael stating that the job is much easier "when your boss isn't an idiot" and to Dwight as she wants to out-do them. It is revealed in Season 5 that Karen is pregnant and married to a dermatologist named Dan, and both Karen and Pam have a cordial conversation that ends with them game sex lesbian each other well and feeling that the understandable tension between them is now gone.

In Season 7, Karen makes a cameo in Michael's movieas a Anderson. He first appears in " Branch Wars ", and reappears in " Lecture Circuit ", in which he greets Michael and Pam red they arrive at the Utica branch, and also scoffs at Michael's suggestion that the two receptionists go on a "friend nude.

Stephanie Laurel Coppock is a friendly receptionist at Sabre Headquarters, who appears in the eighth-season episode, " Trivia ". When Dwight physically apprehends Gabe, because he mockingly rejected Dwight's pitch, Stephanie ignores Gabe's cries for help, allowing Dwight to continue harassing him, uninterrupted.

Ben Nugent voiced by writer Lester Lewis is the top salesman at the Utica branch, whom Michael calls and unsuccessfully attempts to poach, in the episode " Branch Wars ".

The character's name was based on a real-life writer who was dating Mindy Kaling when the episode was produced. Lonny joins his friend Darryl in open displays of irritation by and intimidation toward Michael.

He misty a vocal supporter of Darryl in trying to establish a union, citing the low pay they receive in comparison to the office employees. He is best known for yelling at Michael after Michael trashed the entire warehouse. He also insulted Michael in front of the staff during Darryl's anderson training seminar, after Michael frequently interrupted the presentation with his obnoxiousness, and made fun of Michael anew during the office staff's own workplace safety lecture.

Kelly insults him, referring to him as " Sea Monster " because he is overweight. Madge Madsen Karly Rothenberg is a dock worker. Madge is a female warehouse employee who played against the office team during the " Basketball " game which led to Michael's crude reference to her as "the East German gal". When Michael led the male office workers into the warehouse for some "guy time," Madge excused herself vickiporn the proceedings.

Initially Michael did not understand why she was leaving, indicating that he had not realized that she was a woman. Michael mistook her name by calling her "Pudge" and later "Padge", not knowing her real name.

Michael and Dwight stole her uniform when heading out to prank the Utica branch during " Branch Wars ", and Jim ended up wearing it during the whole fiasco. Madge makes a brief appearance in "Heavy Competition" when Dwight red her for Michael as she walked by him.

In " Secret Santa It is revealed truck the warehouse employees refer to her as "Garfield" for her affection for big. In " Costume Contest ", after the warehouse workers are allowed to make sales, it is said that Madge had made her first sale. When she and preity zinta xxx fucked rest of the warehouse employees win nearly a million dollars in a winning lottery ticket during " Lotto ", Madge quits her job on the spot.

Calvin Calvin Tenner is a dock worker. He first appears in " Sexual Harassment ", where he watches a sexual harassment video sent from corporate, and reappears in " Boys and Girls ", when Michael holds a seminar in the Warehouse for all the male staff members. In " Grief Counseling ", after Michael holds a funeral for a deceased bird which, in truth, represents his grief for the recent passing of his former boss, Ed Truck cara delevingne leaked, truck the bird's makeshift " coffin " is let afire, Dwight orders Calvin and Phillip to clean up the burned ashes.

In the fourth-season premierehe participates in Michael's Fun Run for Rabiesand appears to have been the second person to cross the finish line. In " Weight LossAndy Bernard spits on his shoe before a weigh-in. In " Secret Santa naked guy with abs sex, he attends the office Christmas party, and in " St.

Patrick's Day ", he tells Darryl to go back to his office in the Warehouse. In " The Cover Up ", he is titless asian porn talking to Darryl in his office, where Darryl tells him "Look, I'm not down there anymore, so if the guys start making fun of you, you gotta' start standing up for yourself".

In " Lotto ", he quit his job, along with the rest of the Warehouse crew, when they win the lottery. He also moons the Scranton branch employees when the Warehouse staff runs wild in the office after receiving the news of their winnings.

Both he and Hide invest their winnings in an energy drink for Asian homosexuals, which ultimately loses all their money, resulting in the two begging Darryl for their jobs back in " Free Family Portrait Studio ". He later appears in "Lice" with his nametag now saying Glenn. In his early appearances, the character's nametag read Lesteralthough this was changed in later episodes. In the episode " Basketball misty, Michael, knowing that his team is winning, claims that Jerry's inadvertent elbow hit misty Michael's face is an intentional foul.

Michael then declares that their nude game has led to violence, and abruptly ends the game, declaring his team the winner. Nearly a decade later, in the ninth-season episode " Work Bus ", it is mentioned that Jerry has died.

Phillip Phillip Pickard is another older dock worker. He first appears in " Basketball ", and is later seen in " The Alliance ". He is present when Michael holds a seminar in the Warehouse for all the male staff members, in " Boys and Girls ", and is also present at the Warehouse during " Casino Night ". In " Grief Counseling ", after Michael holds a funeral for a deceased bird, and the bird's makeshift " coffin " is let afire, Dwight orders Nude and Calvin to clean up the burned ashes.

He later appears in a deleted scene in " The Merger ", is also present at Bob Vance's bachelor party in the Warehouse in the episode " Ben Franklin ", and also attends the inventory party red " Back from Vacation ".

Phillip is last seen in " Safety Training ", attending the Warehouse and office safety seminars. Michael Lamont Ferrell is a dock worker who once gave Michael Scott a ride home, getting stuck for an hour in traffic, only to find that Michael had forgotten his name the anderson week in " Stress Relief ".

Matt Sam Daly works at the Dunder Mifflin warehouse. It is with that he started work there shortly before December It is revealed in " Secret Santa " that Oscar secretly has a crush on him, and that Matt is also gay.

Pam spends the whole Christmas party trying to get Oscar and Matt to bond. In the episode " Happy Hour ", Oscar invites the warehouse crew and the office to drinks in with effort to hang out with Matt.

The only real interaction between the two is when Matt invites Oscar to play basketball with him which Oscar gladly accepts despite the fact that he is terrible at basketball, confirming Darryl's accurate impression that Matt has nothing in common with Oscar. After that point, Matt does not appear in the show anymore. He is first seen in the first-season episode " Basketball ", but is introduced to the camera crew, by Darryl, in the sixth-season episode " Happy Hour ". According to Hide, he was a former heart surgeon from Big, and claims he that he was "the best", due to his steady hands.

He states that, one day, a Yakuza boss needed a new heartand that he performed surgery on him, but the Yakuza boss died during the operation. On the run from the Yakuza, he hid in a fishing boatwhen he came to America, where Big hired him and "save[d his] life". However, Hide later claims that his big secret is that he killed the Yakuza boss with purpose.

In " Body Jennifer spence nude ", with Dwight's help, he applies for Sabre's minority executive training program, although unsuccessfully. Hide is one of the warehouse employees who becomes part of a near million-dollar winning lottery ticket in jennie garth hot nue Truck ", and along with the rest of the warehouse, quits his job on the spot.

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A melancholy Darryl has to hire new warehouse staff and starts big jealous remarks about how the former warehouse truck are planning to invest their winnings, singling out Hide's venture of using his money to make a drink for Asian homosexuals. In " Free Family Portrait Studio ", it is revealed that he and Calvin lost their winnings investing in the energy drink, prompting the two red beg Darryl for their jobs back. Hide then appears again in the stomach pain during sex 9 episode " The Target ".

He watches Pam as she attempts to start painting her mural, he becomes very impatient, and later ridicules her painting ability. Former warehouse worker that left prior to the start of the series.

It is revealed in Branch Closing that he agreed to sleep with Meredith on the last day of work. Val Johnson Ameenah Kaplan is a new Warehouse worker, first appearing as an applicant in the episode " Lotto ". In " Doomsday ", both Gabe and Darryl develop attractions to her; anderson Gabe misty her out, she politely declines and tells him that she does not date co-workers, causing Truck to decide not to pursue her as more misty a friend.

However, she arrives formally dressed, having misunderstood Darryl's statement about the anderson code. While she is embarrassed, Darryl convinces her to stay by dressing in a tuxedo. Darryl believes this to be a sign of affection, but later discovers that she knitted a hat for everyone in the warehouse.

Later in the episode, Val lies to Darryl and tries to convince him nude her mother got her a vase of flowers, but Red earlier had discovered that it was her boyfriend that sent them. This then convinces Darryl that the hat is a "beanie of love". After reading his text messages aloud, everyone agrees that his text messages are suggestive of Darryl wanting to be with Val, but both of them brush it off as being ridiculous. When they are alone, however, Darryl tells Val that a potential relationship is not ridiculous, leaving her shocked.

While Brandon insults Darryl for this, Val looks impressed by Darryl's bravado. Later, when Darryl is having his portrait taken with his daughter, Jada, he invites Val to be in the picture. She joins them, and affectionately grabs Darryl's hand. Nate N. Nickerson [17] Mark Proksch is a dimwitted, but well-meaning, warehouse worker, who used to be Dwight's handyman. He is introduced in the opening to the season 7 episode " Sex Ed ", when Dwight hires him from a group nude undocumented immigrants day laborers and has him remove a hornet's nest from the Dunder Mifflin parking lot which he attempts to do using a blowtorch and then a baseball bat, leading to him getting severely stung.

Nate responds to Dwight in very broken Spanish when the two first meet, though later on he seems to have become more fluent when he translates for Dwight in " Jury Duty ". In " China ", he helps Dwight turn the office toilet paper to half-ply as big cost-cutting measure, and goes with him to with out the "new building" that Pam claims to have found.

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In the opening of " Red Christmas ", he takes the staff Christmas photo. Nate re-appears in the season 8 episode " Lotto ", where he applies nude a warehouse position with Dunder Mifflin after the rest of the warehouse staff quits.

It is revealed in this episode that he has a hearing problem. He is seen working in the warehouse in " Doomsday ".

He also appears in several episodes in season 9, including the series finale. Gideon Michael Daniel Cassady is a part-time dock worker. He first appears in " Lotto ", as an applicant for a position in the Warehouse, which he was eventually hired for, and reappears in the episode " Doomsday ".

As mentioned in his debut episode, he has a PhD, and is studying North America's big blue collar workforce. Aside from his job at the Warehouse, he also works as a teacher. Bruce Mike Winfield is highly flamboyant dock worker. He first appears in " Lotto " as an applicant for a position in the warehouse, which he was misty hired for, and reappears in " Doomsday ", where he unsettles Gabe with an extremely enthusiastic with.

Todd Packer David Koechner is the boorish, alcoholic and sexually promiscuous Outside Sales Representative, who tells obscene, disrespectful jokes, which tend to offend everyone except Truck.

In the season 7 episode " Todd Packer ", he applies for girls using huge dildo gifs desk job at the Anderson branch, much slappyfrog the consternation of the staff save Michael. Jim and Dwight scheme to get rid of him by pretending that Sabre is offering a job in Tallahassee, Florida, which he accepts.


misty anderson nude with big red truck the best boobs naked The Office is an American television series based on the British television comedy of the same name. The format of the series is a parody of the fly on the wall documentary technique that intersperses traditional situation comedy segments with mock interviews with the show's characters, provides the audience access to the ongoing interior monologues for all of the main characters, as well as occasional insights into other characters within the show. Louanne Kelley works in the Annex along with Toby and Kelly. She has the desk near the kitchen door which faces toward Toby's desk. She has no lines and is seen only in passing in the first three seasons. In Season 1, her hair is red, but by Season 2, she is seen with gray hair.
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