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Originally posted by hongcha Originally posted by ablonderapunzel. Originally posted by tiloatralalilala. Forgive me. Cries, but yes I do have a first time headcanon for JuminZen, thanks for asking.

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Before I get into details regarding their first time having sex, I also want to give a little more context. Keep reading. Inspired by this post. A lazy afternoon had turned into you convincing Niall to help you put on your makeup. It had been a hard week and everyone was standing around in the kitchen, trying to relax, and sharing stories from the past about missions they went on and places they had been.

Top 7 'That's what she said' moments from The Office

Sam was talking. Every single time you could. A few months passed and everyone was having some much needed down time after a rough mission. You were lounged on the couch in front of the TV preparing for a movie night. The Princess Bride was the movie of choice for the night.

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Another classic that Steve had not yet seen. Sam got up to go to the kitchen to grab a drink and asked if you or Steve wanted anything. Just no. Log in Sign up.

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Okay Google, how much paint water can I drink before I die? Asper talks too much that's what she said newsies shitpost i love the okay google meme idk if it's a meme but it should be okay google jack kelly newsies. Marvin Gaye.

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How do you guys have time for all these great plays every week?? Haikyuu stage play stage play gif engeki haikyuu hyper projection engeki haikyuu hyper projection engeki yoshimoto kouki kondou shouri my gif hq!! Garth: "Hey are you through yet? Cause I'm getting tired of holding this.

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The expression "Said the actress to the bishop" was used as a crude double entendre in nearly the exact same context as "That's what she said. Urban Dictionary [2] has many entries for the phrase "that's what she said," with the earliest created by user Bug on August janetmasontube, On October 23rd,the web comic Xkcd published a comic titled "That's What She Said" [7]which featured a stick figure using the catchphrase in response to a grammatically ambiguous sentence shown below.

On June 13th,Xkcd published another comic titled "How It Happened" [6]in which a stick figure uses the phrase in response to an obviously sexual story.

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On March 16th,the "That's What She Said" application was released on the iTunes [9] store, which provided a button that would play an audio recording of someone saying the phrase. On April 6th, the single topic blog TWSSstories [4] was launched, which provided a platform similar to the FML site where people share anecdotes about the phrase being used in conversation.

On October 7th,a "That's What She Said" page was created on the database TV Tropes [3]which listed the stock phrase as a subtrope of "Nudge" [3]a device used to indicate that a double entendre has been delivered.

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On April 1st,the tech blog Gizmodo [11] published a post titled "'That's What Tmnt april naked Said' Receipt is Funnier Than Any Stupid April Fools", which featured a photograph of a receipt taken at a fast food restaurant which included the phrase after the item "extra wet.

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No thanks, take me back to the meme zone! Like us on Facebook! About "That's What She Said" is an expression used in response to statements that may sound sexual in nature when taken out of context.


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see through panties videos On the Internetthe joke is often used in image macrosweb comics and viral videos. The phrase was first popularized by Canadian comedian Mike Myers in the blockbuster comedy Wayne's World [1]. In the film, Wayne uses the phrase in response to his sidekick Garth while shooting a local access television show in his basement. Garth: "Hey are you through yet? Cause I'm getting tired of holding this. The expression "Said the actress to the bishop" was used as a crude double entendre in nearly the exact same context as "That's what she said. Urban Dictionary [2] has many entries for the phrase "that's what she said," with the earliest created by user Bug on August 26th,
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Everything I had but if you are able to actually make a lotor do new residents go crazy, but eventually come back from one of them seem to deal with the busyness. I mentioned it to give you a little clarification etc.

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