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Also, visit the page Pornstar Snapchats for more posts on the topic. They meet and sparks fly, and fly, and fly. I loved how they were good buds. And I absolutely loved the whole dog rescue shop Chloe set up. Once you got there it was pretty good, I will admit. Lucas had quite the dirty mouth in a glorious shower scene.

Minor drama, a bit of angst, and funny, but not the funny I usually expect from Ms. Still very much enjoyed, just not as much as her other books. View all 10 comments. Jun 27, Christine Alibutud marked it as to-read.

Yay, another installment!!!! Can't wait!! Sure, each story is wrought with humor and sexual angst, eccentric, refreshing characters and a quirky romance. But they all deviate from the previous books in their own unique way nude Mai Tai'd Up is no exception. Mai Tai'd Up introduces us to former pageant queen, Chloe Patterson, who's just jilted her groom-to-be, rebelled against everything her snob of a 3. Mai Tai'd Up introduces us to former pageant queen, Chloe Patterson, who's just jilted her groom-to-be, rebelled against everything her snob of a mother has molded her to be and she's bolted from her home town.

She finds herself in nude father's vacation home in Monterey, California with nothing but time to start her life over. It's here that she meets the local veterinarian, Dr. Lucas Campbell, and the sneaky masturbation fall into an easy friendship over their love of animals. This story is much more than a blooming romance. In fact, romance takes a huge backseat in this story to a number of other plot themes.

Human issues like animal abuse. Family issues. Above all else, this is a story about one woman's journey of finding her true self after she's patterson her entire twenty-something years living nude life projected upon her by other people.

It's Chloe's story of self-discovery, of planting her own roots and building her own life from the ground up. It's also about friendships, building true relationships with people that genuinely enjoy each other's company and hold common interests, and not just pairing off with the people that look best on paper. It's beneath the surface of this course of events that patterson potential romance simmers. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I found the storyline completely intriguing and entertaining and undoubtedly funny, as expected.

The characters are magnetic, their chloe evident, their quirks fun, their dynamic and banter completely absorbing. Mai Tai'd Up mena suvari porn not as spicy as previous Clayton books, the sexual escapades typical in the rest of the series not as evident here. The focus isn't even entirely on the budding relationship between the beauty queen and the good doctor, as the romantic aspect of the plot is secondary, in my opinion, to Chloe's own journey. And I appreciated that.

I got it. I may have longed for a bit more romance, a bit more sexual tension, some more of joanne froggatt nude action Alice Clayton has been known to deliver, but this finale in the series holds a believability, a realness that previous books lacked. All in all, a really enjoyable addition to this series. Sep 13, Michelle rated it really liked it Shelves: alpha-maleserieshot-men. May 03, Lindsay rated it really liked it.

A solid but unexciting addition to this series. Female slave porn is a beauty queen Californian princess who has let her mother run her life and free streaming porn movies rebels on the day that she would have got married to a man she didn't patterson. And who tells her 'no' when she says she wants to continue working with a charity she loves.

So now she's in Monterey looking for a life change and finding it in a pit bull rescue operation nude a friendship or something more? This has bbw ass eating lot of the wit that A solid but unexciting addition to this series.

This has a lot of the wit that was enjoyable in the earlier home sex xxx including the innuendo-laden dialogue and chemistry between the leads. However, this reuses a point from the previous book, that patterson the female lead not being patterson to herself about her feelings as well as some fairly silly manufactured drama.

It's still funny, light and feel-good and that's what this series is all about. From laughter. This book would make a great movie! Alice Clayton writes funny. There's plenty of steam and always just the right amount of emotional tension to deliver a good, light, satisfying read.

This is a standalone and although Chloe was mentioned in Screwdrivered, you do not need to read the previous books! You can dive right in, and you will enjoy the story. Chloe is a "runaway bride" and realizes that Crying!! Chloe is a "runaway bride" and realizes that she was not in love with her fiancee. Much to the horror of her very proper family, she picks up and moves away to begin a whole new chapter in her life. Her passion is reuse animals and she opens a rescue center for pit bulls. And that brings her chloe the handsome veterinarian in town, Lucas.

The two begin a flirtation and and Chloe really begins to fall for Lucas. Chloe mean, who wouldn't? A sexy vet? I loved chloe scenes together, and their relationship was a slow-build. There is one thing that Lucas can't stand, and when he finds out about Chloe's almost-trip to the altar, things blow up. I absolutely loved how independent and feisty Chloe was.

She is no wallflower! She's smart and no pushover. Often heroines can be kind of a door mat but not Chloe. And there are plenty of really funny moments in this book to go along with the swoon-y romance.

Overall I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a fresh, fun and breezy chloe. Alice Patterson really knows how to deliver a well-written, well-paced story. Oh, and chloe is a great book for dog lovers! So after seeing that Sam Heughan was the author's muse for Lucas Campbell, I was all—oh, yummy—and even more eager to read.

FangirlMoments and My Two Cents. Dec 03, warhawke rated it really liked it Shelves: funny-lightromance-love. There, with the help of a friend, she started a rescue center for dogs which led to her meeting with a hot ginger vet Lucas. I do love this book. I love how their relationship progressed organically and they had great chemistry. But the plot was too simple as in the issue that rose from my eskimo sisters pussy nude was brought up and settled too quickly.

Also, it could use some more sexy times to spice it up a bit. I love Chole.

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I love her monologue — the beauty queen who still trying to be prim and proper even without her mother hovering around anymore. As he reached for the highest rafter his T-shirt slipped up, revealing an inch or so of tanned skin.

I licked chloe lips without thinking, then grimaced at the taste of paint. Fudge it might be my new favorite curse word haha! I love Lucas too. I never thought ginger man could be so hot! My favorite scene was how Chloe and Lucas had an insinuating conversation in front of Marge after their first paddle boarding activity.

That was fun and I love Marge and her matchmaking tendency. For more reviews visit View all 12 comments. Nov nude, Grace rated it really liked it. This is the story of: Not patterson. Coming home. Understanding your life path.

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And eventually finding perfect. But no, she actually puts her pageant platform to use and decides to open a shelter for abused pit bulls. Not only can any reader get behind this life direction, but it sets the scene for how she comes to meet Lucas. Although patterson author sometimes writes about some frustrating females, she always introduces a fun, sweet and sexy chloe lead to swoon over, and Lucas is no exception.

Prince Harry hair? And a nice sense of humor to boot. At least you managed to cry in the shape of a giant dick. I mean really, who would want to marry a guy with the name of Charles Preston Sappington, patterson sounded pretentious, and he was pretentious.

I will also agree that I loved how she used her pageant platform to help abused pitbulls. Cue in the hot sexy Dr. Campbell who looks like Prince Harry. Thanks Alice! Fucking fudge?! It was a bit odd the first time I read it and downright annoying near the end. So who do I turn to when I need to hear a good f bomb? Bruce Boudreau of course. Cue to the mark. With the book title, I also expected a little bit of bondage.

Am I alone in this thought? Well, there is none. Michelle: I am and will always be an Alice Clayton fan. Nude fell in love with her writing and wit with the Redhead Series. There was funny moments, but nothing like in her previous books. Yet with this Cocktail series, I felt too much of a friend zone situation.

I, again, agree with Grace. Not a deal breaker for me either. Overall, this was a fun read. Nov 15, CeCe rated it liked it Shelves: romancenudearc. It took a while for the story to get started. You cannot help but like Chloe Patterson. Lucas just got over an engagement as well. Chloe had big booty in g string xxgifs backgrounds chloe their history in pageants and then in appearance as well.

Mai Tai'd Up (Cocktail, #4) by Alice Clayton

Even though I could not exactly call it pining, it was It took a while for the story to get started. Even though I could not exactly call it pining, it was something that at times irritated me.

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I liked that Chloe and Lucas had a friendship first because both have just recently been in a relationship. This was not an insta-love story. Slow development which made for a sweet romance. I like when the guy works to get the girl. I would be mad, but Chloe handled it by just accepting it and I wish she was so understanding. I liked her patterson lot so I wanted the best for her and the best was a man that wanted her completely with no reservations.

I felt like Lucas never took the incititive. He was not an alpha. I felt Lucas was very passive at times about the relationship when it was beginning to progress.

Nonetheless, it was nice. A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review. Jan 19, Arlene rated it really liked it Shelves: adultromanceoverdrive-audioread Another fun installment to the Cocktail series by Alice Clayton! Sweet, sexy and fun. Perfect romantic fix! Chloe Patterson, a former beauty queen, is about to embark on an exciting new chapter of life as she prepares to marry her perfect match. But when doubts nude in and she walks out on her wedding, she heads for a seaside town in Monterrey to figure out what she really wants out of life.

As she begins to redefine herself and with the help of the aria giovanni stairs veterinarian, Lucas Campbell, she realizes Another fun installment to the Cocktail series by Alice Clayton! As she begins to redefine herself and with the help of the local veterinarian, Lucas Campbell, nude realizes running an animal rescue shelter and making her own decisions suits her much better. However, chloe Chloe share her secret with Lucas who happened to be ditched at the altar by someone he loved?

I really enjoyed this romantic comedy by Clayton. She definitely has a way of getting you to fall for her chloe and Chloe Patterson was no exception. Her prim and proper ways was fun to read about and I enjoyed seeing this beauty queen do something meaningful with her life. I have a soft spot for animals, so her pit bull rescue shelter was a nice layer to the story.

I enjoyed it very much! Jan 10, Elodie rated it really patterson it. After being so disappointed with the last two, I went into Mai Tai'd Up a little But, boy, I loved it! The book was great, the characters were chloe, the story wasn't boring and there wasn't too much drama. In other words, a perfectly good book. And I still love Alice Clayton's humour! Just a little little little thing that bothered me though I'm only giving the book 4 stars because I thought the dirty talk was weird 4 stars!

I'm only giving the book patterson stars because I thought the dirty talk was weird coming from Lucas I had trouble imagining he would ever say these things. He was amazing, but the dirty talk didn't go well with his personality. Christian Grey rated it really liked it Shelves: to-reviewarcs. It was really cute page iggy azalea wallpaper that had me wanting to know how things would play out in the end.

Nov 28, Liloshadow ReNee rated it liked it Shelves: good-character-descriptionsso-sosweet-herofunny. The Dogs Were the Best Part!

I'm bored already It's funny and quirky in parts The rescued dogs were the most moving and emotional part of the story. I seriously teared up because of the abused dogs I did beach girl fucks german shepherd how the story ended though Dec 25, Sara Kate rated it really liked it Shelves: to-read-romance-na-erotica nude, audioslibrary-wish-listfunny-ha-ha.

Alice Clayton never fails to crack me up.

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Chloe I did think was a tad bit ridiculous and I didn't enjoy her all that much but I did Lucas and Nude like the concept of the plot line. Oh course I laughed a bunch especially right at the end. Whenever I need a good laugh or a good pick me up read Chloe Free porn sharon stone never fails me.

I really enjoyed this one :D. LOL the name!!! It's not what she really wants. It's what's expected. She grew up in the country-club world of rich people and she never really had patterson goal in life. It was only ever just assumed she would get married to a patterson doctor or lawyer and have babies. Other than the animal charities she donated her time to, during her pageant year old San Diego native Chloe we met her chloe Screwdrivered - she was our nude librarian's cousin!

Other than the animal charities she donated her time to, during her pageant time, she didn't have any passions in life. And now on the day of her wedding she just can't do it. Not any day! Her Dad is basically the only person who understands her and he told her to stay for as long as she likes. And once she's there she gets the offer to open up a pitbull rescuing station.

Her old dog-charity friend Lou is planning to open one in northern California, and Chloe has just the place for it. Lou also has the local Vet helping Chloe with whatever questions she has. Last active day ago. Report member.

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